Commentary on personals ads posted on Craiglist.


Hi, I am gaining weight as fast as I can! Why? So Who ever decides to date me wont be with me because of my good looks! Ya, I know, sounds self centered and egotistical..but what sucks is when you know “looks” is the most important thing to your date!

Riiight. I only know of one person who has ever done this for real, and she was a nut case. So either she really is nutty enough to get fat on purpose because it’s just oh so hard to find someone to be in a real relationship with when you’re attractive, or more likely she was always fat and just needs to find a guy with low standards.

I really don’t work hard at “dolling up” for a guy. I don’t need a perfect man and don’t want that kind of pressure. If you care about personality at all, if you could like me for who I am..then maybe I won’t have to work so hard at getting fat..

Oh I see, she never has worked hard to make herself look attractive, but she’s just so hot that she has to get fat on top of trying to look frumpy.

What women don’t understand is that the guy who will settle for your ugly ass because you’re “pretty on the inside” is just a guy with low standards who can’t get anyone better.

Oh ya, I have kids

How many? Obviously more than one, possibly a number too scary to mention just yet.

a job, a house, a car

Burger King, an apartment, and a ’98 Sentra.

..I don’t do drugs and never have been addicted to anything..I love my mom and really the only hang up I have is that I HATE TV!

That might change as she gets addicted to ice cream and realizes that sitting on the couch watching TV helps you get fatter quicker.


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