Commentary on personals ads posted on Craiglist.

So much intelligence
Are intelligent women intimidating to you? – 52 (Poulsbo)

If so, you better git along little dogie. If not, read on…

Ah yes, the woman who thinks men are intimidated by intelligence. It’s much easier to sleep at night thinking that than knowing that guys just think you’re a bitch.

(I really don’t think I am SO intelligent. It is other people who have said this to me. I mean, everyone is a treasure chest, if you just ask the right questions. And please don’t ask me to explain refrigeration to you. I know it has something to do with the condensing or expanding of gaseous molecules from a smaller to a larger space or something, but really it is just as efficacious to think of it as simply a miracle.)

In other words, don’t ask her to be intelligent about real stuff that matters. Her intelligence comes in her opinions, and if you disagree with her, well, obviously you’re intimidated by her.

However, that fact is that I like intelligent people. People who spell correctly (or at least make an effort!). People who put together complete sentences. People who fear no scrabble board, and who prefer ideas to TV. Is that so much to ask?? People who are better at math than I am (it doesn’t take much!) People who don’t fall for the spend-spend-buy-buy-wallow-in-excess mentality. People who’d rather do something than buy something.

I also like men who are in good shape. People are just too danged fat these days. If you don’t agree, then already we are not on the same wavelength. And if you have a furry chest, well, that is great, because I think this whole recent hairless fad has got to go — maybe it will fade with the chihuahua craze. Who wants a chihuahua for a lover?? Not I! (I’m a natural woman myself. If it’s a problem for you, please, try another ad.)

She’s got a huge hairy bush.

And last, but actually highest in priority: truthfulness. Not merely honest, but truthful.

And in the interests of being truthful: if pro sports or motorcycles or tearing up the wilderness with motorized toys is your passion, you can’t be my passion. Just won’t happen. Don’t take it personally. Or a smoker or a toker.

“Anything you can do I can do better. Unless it’s sports or operating machinery. I’m too intelligent for that.”

So please be intelligent. Please be sure enough in your own brains to not be intimidated by mine. Because I want to learn from you. I want to stand next to you and look out at the universe and have my perspective on the universe enhanced by being with you, and vice versa. I want to enhance your world. And we really need classical music for this scenario, don’t we?

“Don’t ever disagree with me, because if you did then obviously you’re not very intelligent.”

Oh, and yes, I like good, passionate, meaningful, fun sex. I knew I could fit that keyword in there somewhere…

“Oh yes, I will give you sex now and then to keep you interested until we get married then I’m getting my vagina surgically closed.”

I’ve found that the more somebody talks about their qualities the less they are true. For example, someone who is funny will make you laugh with their post. Someone who is not funny will say “I am a very funny person.” Someone who is intelligent will make it obvious by the way they write and what they write about. Someone who needs to sprinkle the word “intelligent” throughout their post? Meh.

In my experience the women who blab about their intelligence the most just have a huge chip on their shoulder and constantly feel the need to have a battle of the minds about every single topic that comes up during the day. And that comes across as bitchy. It’s like The Dude says, “No, you’re not wrong Walter, you’re just an asshole!!”


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