Commentary on personals ads posted on Craiglist.

Finding a guy with low standards is easier than the gym
a date for my birthday? – w4m – 23 (Aberdeen)

Im 5’2″
I am a BBW
I am a single mother

This “BBW” term is way overused. We all know what it means. You’re fat. So to sum up the post so far, “I’m short, fat, and have kids”.

I would like a man to come take me on a date for my birthday the 28th of december. I have never been taken out on a date with someone I could start dating. I have always been told i was cute and then decided to be together. I take them to the movies I take them to taco bell we walk around the mall. I would love to be taken out and get to know someone. I am looking for potential.

So the baseline is Taco Bell and a movie. Make it a matinée and you’re looking at a really cheap date!  If you’ve got the spare change you could upgrade to Taco del Mar. But don’t expect her to take you out, that gravy train is over thanks to all those other freeloaders.

I amalso looking for someone who doesn’t care about weight someone who will be glad to help me loose weight if i want to. i don’t get text messages but I do have a cell phone. also I would appreciate if you have a picture in your reply due to the fact I want real people to reply and also I like to know who im talking to

Why would a guy who doesn’t care about weight want to help you “loose” weight? And of course don’t forget the conditional “if I want to”. Here’s a news flash: If you’re not tremendously overweight, guys do take you out on dates. They even pay. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true.

Bwwwaaanomnomnomnom!!!! Need wider angle camera!


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