Commentary on personals ads posted on Craiglist.

Does it matter what she looks like if you’ll never see her?
kiss me thru the phone – w4m – 22 (eastside)

Im looking to get to know someone over the phone/texts. I want them to get to know me for me, not how I look. And no its not cause im ugly.

It’s because she’s ugly.

I’ve been hurt alot and im just not ready for a physical relationship. I have a busy life but not so busy that I don’t have time to get to know someone.

Get ready to deal with her issues and baggage over the phone after that kiss!

Text all day talk at night?

You will have no time during the day or night where she will not expect you to be available.

Im 22 5’5 brown hair blue eyes. I have pics but can’t upload them from my phone

Ugly people seem to have problems figuring out how to upload pictures.

It doesn’t much matter to me how you look just as long as you know your amazing cause I know I am 😉

The possibility that she’s very hot and wants to develop a relationship where you’re not blinded by her beauty is now gone. It’s OK if you’re ugly too, because she can’t be picky.

Hope to hear from you soon

But not “see” you!


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